Dog Eye Reflection Color Chart: Why Your Dogs' Eyes Glow: image

Dog Eye Reflection Color Chart: Why Your Dogs’ Eyes Glow

You have probably wondered why dog eyes glow at night, especially when you direct light toward them. Dogs are precious animals that offer security to humans and become great friends. These animals are easy to train and can quickly become great companions. However, different dog breeds have different colors when it comes to eye reflection. […]
Long Haired Black And Tan Dachshund: image

Long Haired Black And Tan Dachshund: What You Need to Know About the Dogs

Every dachshund owner understands the lasting benefits of having these pups around. If you get used to its aggressiveness and learn the nitty-gritty of calming it down, then you will enjoy the following benefits: A dachshund will beat your loneliness with its lively and playful behavior. The dog will slowly find its way into your […]
How Many Teeth Does A Dachshund Have: photo

How Many Teeth Does A Dachshund Have? (Dachshund Dental Guide)

Dachshunds have long bodies, which make their mouth slender and smaller than their skull. And considering this mouth, many new owners find it hard to count these dogs’ teeth. Also, it’s hard to count because these dogs tend to bite. Dachshunds are well known for their different types of teeth. Normally, the front teeth are […]
Why do dachshunds sleep so much: photo

Why do dachshunds sleep so much?

Dachshunds are a very familiar breed among dog owners and are known for their body size and appearance. Originally bred for hunting purposes, these dogs turned into loveable pets whose devotion and affection for the family are unparalleled. This lovely behavior and their noticeable hours of sleep make dachshunds docile and easy to pet at […]
Who Is The Longest Wiener Dog In The World?: featured image

Who Is The Longest Wiener Dog In The World?

Wiener dogs or dachshunds are a German breed of dogs that the Germans bred some 300 years ago. Their breeding history shows that they have originated from Basset hounds and some other unknown terriers. While they get their strength and strong body from the Basset for hunting, their stubbornness and resistance are purely from the […]
Solid Black Long-Haired Dachshund: photo

Solid Black Long-Haired Dachshund

The Dachshund, also called Dackel or Teckel, has been known since the Middle Ages. Tykes suited to hunting below ground were constantly bred in the bracken. From these short-legged tykes, the black Dachshund evolved and is honoured as one of the most diverse stalking types. The solid black Dachshund also shows excellent performance above ground, […]